(1) Can the National Unity Government guarantee the safety and security of taxpayers’ information?

(2) Can the Unique Identification Number (UID) be faked?

(3) Will the Internal Revenue Department calculate the tax amount that I need to pay?

(4) How do I calculate the tax amount in foreign currency?

(5) How will the National Unity Government spend its tax revenue?

(6) What happens if I can no longer use the email account that I registered with the Inland Revenue Department?

(7) What happens if I have lost the Unique Identification Number (UID)?

(8) Can I make payment to the NUG’s official bank account if I live inside Myanmar?

(9) Under the Union Taxation Law, Myanmar citizens living abroad should not have to pay taxes on their salary earnings? If they pay tax now, is it not double taxation?

(10) Is it possible to pay tax collectively in a group?

(11) What is NUGPay? Please explain more about NUGPay Wallet. 

(12) What is Spring Development Bank (SDB)?